Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why are men interested in watching women do horses?

Why are men interested in watching women have sex with horses? This is one of those mysteries that made me want to study psychology. I never got around to it, but I did take a lot of sociology courses.

The relationship women have with horses is almost magical. I don't understand it. When I was little I was nuts about horses and the "bug" has never gone away. When I was 11 my dad finally broke down and bought a horse for me to "keep me away from boys." It didn't really work, but that's another story.

What I remember most about that experience, aside from how much work it truely turned out to be taking care of a horse, was the vitrol and bile spewed at me from my male classmates. They never quit making fun of the fact that I had a horse and loved to ride. They called me "horse f**ker" and wrote me nasty notes hypothesizing about all the nasty shit I did to that poor horse. Occassionally the more creative among them would draw me a nice picture of what he figured I looked like sucking horse cock. The teasing never went away. Those classmates even graced my year book with lots of "having fun sucking your horses cock this summer" type comments. Who does that? 12 year old boys I guess.

Which brings me around to my current topic. According to my research over 7000 people searched for what I assume are videos and pictures of women doing horses. I'm assuming these folks are not all 12 year old boys.

So what do you think? Why are men fascinated with the idea of a girl-on-horse sexual relationship?

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